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Welding Methods

... at Steel- / Ship- Construction

Special welding patterns are available for all seam forms and applications.
All parameters are saved in up to 20 separate programs and the adaptation
of different circumstances is made easier. Recurring works simply occur
with quite tested, optimum settings.

V-shape Seam with Pattern 3 or 5

All welding parameters can be adjusted in
steps by 1 %. The weaver amplitude should
be as much as needed to reach both edges
at least with half thickness of wire.

At V-shape seam with space, the torch
should be mounted vertical or slightly
Corner with Pattern 4 or 3

Surfacing with Pattern 1 or 2
The surfacing is comparable like with the welding methods at railway welds.
To get a better connection and overlap to the previous welded layer, the drive speed
at one side can be reduced.
The remote pendant control RD100 delivers all necessary signals and works at up
to 99 layers automatically.

... at Railway

For standard surfacing ...for hard facing ...with multiple areas


... Joint welding

30 different rail types selectable
and easily expandable.

Automatic welding sequences